Understanding Flooded Basement Repairs
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Understanding Flooded Basement Repairs

Hi there, I'm Udon Pollack. I am passionate about protecting foundations from flood damage. The foundation is the only thing connecting the house to the ground. It keeps the home standing through heavy storms and small land shifts. Every once in a while, foundations will develop cracks that let water seep through the walls. As a result, the basement may flood during the next heavy storm. In addition, water coming through the cracks continues to weaken the foundation. Luckily, people can have their foundations sealed up by a professional to stop this harmful progression. I will teach everyone the basics of flooded basement repairs through this site. Everyone deserves to have a sturdy home set on a strong foundation and I'm here to help people understand how to accomplish that feat. Thanks for visiting my site. Come back soon.

Understanding Flooded Basement Repairs

4 Upgrades To Consider For Your New Custom Wood Cabinets

Jackson Andrews

Looking to transform the look of your kitchen with new custom wood cabinets? If so, and if you want to make your kitchen as functional as it is beautiful, there are some upgrades you may want to consider adding to your wood cabinetry. These upgrades can help you make the most of your new cabinets and will make working in your kitchen even more enjoyable.

Roll-Out Storage

Rather than having to dig around to reach that pan all the way in the back of your cabinet, consider having roll-out storage installed in a few of your cabinets for added accessibility. These are ideal for pots and pans, but can also be useful for cabinets that will store small kitchen appliances. 

Under-Cabinet Lighting

A little bit of strategic lighting can go a long way in your kitchen, so you might want to consider having some upgraded lighting installed along with your cabinets. Having soft lighting installed underneath your cabinets will give your kitchen a softer look and feel while also adding convenient task lighting when you're chopping veggies on your countertops or preparing a meal. In-cabinet lighting is also becoming quite popular and is a great way to display and showcase your favorite china or other dishware.

Glass Door Inserts

Rather than having solid wood doors on all of your cabinets, why not mix things up a bit by adding glass door inserts on some of your cabinets? This, like in-cabinet lighting, can be a great way to show off some of your favorite dishes and china. If you don't want everyone being able to see directly into your cabinets, you could even consider adding frosted glass to some of your cabinets for a unique look.

Trash Can Pull-Outs

Want to hide your kitchen trash can? Rather than stuffing it in a cabinet under the sink, consider having a dedicated trash can pull-out cabinet created. These can be designed to fit a full-size trash can and keep it concealed. At the same time, your trash can will still be easily accessible by simply pulling out the drawer at a slight angle.

This is just a sampling of some of the many cabinet upgrades that are available. Since you're already in the process of selecting your custom wood cabinets, now is a good time to see about having some of these ideas added to really make your kitchen design work for you! Check out a website like http://ambroserandahardwoods.com for more information and assistance.