Understanding Flooded Basement Repairs
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Understanding Flooded Basement Repairs

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Understanding Flooded Basement Repairs

5 Cabinet Ideas to Increase the Usability of Your Kitchen Island

Jackson Andrews

Adding a kitchen island to your kitchen can increase your work space and storage space, making your kitchen easier to use for both quick breakfasts and large party preparation. However, not all kitchen islands are created equal. When designing the cabinetry for your kitchen island, it is important that you discuss your intended use with your contractor in order for them to create the best cabinets for your needs. 

Consider Pull-Through Drawers

Pull-through drawers, also known as two-way drawer slides, are drawers that can be pulled in either direction. These are an ideal solution for kitchen islands where people on either side of the island may need access to the contents of your drawers or cabinets at any given time. Besides making your drawers pull-through, you should also add pull-through baskets or shelving that allow you to pull the contents of your cabinets out either side of the island. 

Utilize Blind Corner Solutions

Over the past decades, several solutions have been created to make blind corner cabinets more useful. These range from lazy susans to pull-out shelving that can easily twist around corners. Although your kitchen island is not considered a blind corner, the extra depth of many islands can make it difficult to reach items in the back of your cabinets and keep your cabinets organized. Blind corner solutions can increase your organization and accessibility to these areas. 

Mix and Match Open and Closed Cabinetry

Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that their kitchen islands should either feature an open shelving design or a completely closed cabinetry design. However, the most useful islands often feature a mix of open and closed cabinetry. For example, you may have open shelving along one side of your island for storing dishes that you use often and opt for closed cabinets where you can keep pots and pans out of sight on the other side. 

You may also want to consider making half of your kitchen island a breakfast bar, with room for storing stools underneath it, while making the other half of your kitchen island a work station with fully enclosed cabinetry. 

Incorporate a Work-Surface Extension

A kitchen island is an ideal place to add a work-surface extension. These are often wooden surfaces that either swing up from the sides of the cabinets or pull out from beneath the countertop. They are then propped up on one end with a post to create a temporary table or work surface. This is ideal for times when you are preparing for a large party or when your kitchen island is full but you want to have an extra breakfast bar or dining table to use. 

Don't Forget Overhead Cabinets 

When most people think about kitchen islands, they think about the lower cabinetry. However, when you install a permanent island, you will create dead space above it. To make the most of this dead space, you should consider installing suspended cabinets or shelving that hangs down from your ceiling. Ideally, these shelves and cabinets will match your lower cabinetry and increase your overall storage space. However, it is important when adding suspended cabinets that you consider lighting in your kitchen. You may have to install additional lighting beneath your suspended cabinets to make your kitchen island comfortable to use. 

Your kitchen island can be one of the most useful areas of your kitchen. However, it is important that you design your island cabinetry in a way that will allow you to access your items easily and keep them organized when they are not in use. You can talk to a contractor such as Sierra Remodeling & Home Builders Inc to find out more about specific solutions that will work for you.