Understanding Flooded Basement Repairs
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Understanding Flooded Basement Repairs

Hi there, I'm Udon Pollack. I am passionate about protecting foundations from flood damage. The foundation is the only thing connecting the house to the ground. It keeps the home standing through heavy storms and small land shifts. Every once in a while, foundations will develop cracks that let water seep through the walls. As a result, the basement may flood during the next heavy storm. In addition, water coming through the cracks continues to weaken the foundation. Luckily, people can have their foundations sealed up by a professional to stop this harmful progression. I will teach everyone the basics of flooded basement repairs through this site. Everyone deserves to have a sturdy home set on a strong foundation and I'm here to help people understand how to accomplish that feat. Thanks for visiting my site. Come back soon.

Understanding Flooded Basement Repairs

Using A Garage Door To Create A Movable Wall For Your House

Jackson Andrews

Have you ever wanted to open your house up to the great outdoors? Well, you are not alone. According to Houzz, some creative homeowners have been using garage doors to turn closed-in living spaces into ones that open up to the outside with just a push of a button. This is a truly interesting concept that is not only functional, but can also completely change the feel of your home.

Is The Garage Door As A Wall Concept For You?

It's not unusual to find homes with walls of glass or a wall lined with French doors. But having a huge wall that slides completely out of view is a relatively new concept for homes, though it has been popular in restaurants and stores for a while. Before you take the plunge and hire a garage door service to install a garage door, you may want to consider the following first:


A movable wall will:

  • Give you one big space for entertaining. With a push of a button, you will have a seamless indoor and outdoor entertaining space.
  • Could cut down on your energy bills by allowing a nice breeze to enter your home on pleasant days. 
  • Make it easier for wheelchair-bound residents to enter and exit a home. 
  • Give your home a thoroughly modern feel. 


On the other hand: 

  • The renovation could affect the saleability of your home.  While a wall that can lift up with a push of a button may be popular with trendy buyers, more traditional ones may be put off by the idea.  
  • A garage door will need regular maintenance. Unlike a stationary wall, the garage door has moving parts that may require regular maintenance and repair. The last thing you want is for your "wall" to get stuck in the open position. 
  • You will have a number of expenses associated with this renovation. Talk to a garage door service like The Garage Doctor to get an estimate of how much it will cost to install a garage door and to add the appropriate insulation. 
  • A traditional automatic garage door is going to require tracks and a motor located inside your home. Some people may be fine with having these in their garages, but not in the interior of their homes. 

Types Of Doors

If you do decide to convert a wall to a garage door opening, take the time to study the various options available today. You will definitely want to start with an insulated garage door to cut down on outside noises and to save on your energy costs. In addition, you will have to decide whether you want a door that:

  • Opens like a traditional automatic garage door on an overhead track
  • Is pulled up and out into a horizontal position in line with the ceiling -- This type of door is called an up-and-over door. The type of door will require enough clearance room for swinging it open.
  • Lifts straight up -- This type of door requires a very high ceiling. 

The Appearance

Garage doors with glass panels are commonly chosen as movable walls. If you decide to go with a glass garage door, as well, choose your glass option carefully. For example, you may want to use a frosted glass if the interior of your home is visible to the street or to your neighbors. 

Overall, there are a lot of advantages to having a garage door installed as a movable wall. It could make your home look bigger by creating a seamless indoor and outdoor living area. And, yes, you could also have a lot of fun watching everyone's face as a "wall" to your house raises to reveal the great outdoors.